Monday, June 10, 2013

Calling for Backup!

As with many things in life, some things are just easier when you have a partner.....or, at least, someone who can relate. The police know this, as do firefighters. Some things you just don't want to do alone.

You need backup!

I ran across this article from the 'Reboot With Joe' site and it, kind of, paralleled our experiences with the whole 'reboot' thing and trying to get fit.

Recently, I've taken a part time job and met a guy there who's about my age...maybe a year younger. We got to talking about health and I mentioned juicing. He told me that he has been looking into it and, almost at the same time, asked each other if we'd seen Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I told him that my wife and I had been juicing and trying reboots for a few months now, and asked if his wife was juicing with him.

"No", he said, "she's content just sitting around and watching t.v." He sounded sad when he told me this and it was then that I really and truly appreciated that my soul-mate was also my 'get fit' partner.

Regardless of whether we fail or succeed....we'll be doing it together.

I'm betting, though, by supporting each other....we'll succeed :)

What's your support system like? Do you have one?

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