Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I've been badgering Jackie to post something here for the past few weeks.

"But I'm not interesting." she told me.

"Trust me....you're plenty interesting. Being interesting is the least of your worries." I've been trying to convince her that people don't follow your blog if they don't find you, at least, a little interesting.....but, what do I know? :P

Anyway, since she's dragging her virtual heels, a bit, I figured I'd jump in and give you all a quick update on our health journey.

We've plateaued a bit on our eating healthy. We haven't fallen behind much, but we're not making any big headway into becoming more fit, either. We're still, for the most part, watching what we're eating and juicing when we can.....though not as much as we were or should.

No excuses.....we're just dropping the ball and letting things like work and convenience get in our way.

One major change that Jackie is wanting to try is going "Paleo". I've been reading The Primal Blueprint, off and on, for a while and have been following Julie Bauer over at PaleOMG! for the past few months. Both have been pretty interesting and eye opening and I've been wanting to give Paleo a try for a while, but Jackie wasn't 'ready' at the time....which was fine...we all have to what's best for us, at the time.

Then, she found out her cousin lost some sixty odd pounds doing paleo and using the book Practical Paleo as a guide.....so, now, I think she's ready :)

We went out today and picked up a copy at our local Books A Million ($39.95 retail) and, I have to say, it's been pretty interesting just on a skim. There's even a section about what your poop is telling you about your diet (for those of us you who talk to your poop)....I kid you, not.

Anyway, we're going to dig into it and give it a shot with the most important step being 'baby steps'.

We'll keep you all advised as to how it's going and, hopefully, I'll wrangle Jackie into doing the follow up post.

To paraphrase the Dos Equis commercial...."Stay healthy, my friends."


  1. I have lots of friends who do the Paleo thing... I try to eat more items from a Paleo diet but I can't make myself do it all the time. But I do find I feel better when I'm eating Paleo.

  2. My husband is interested in doing Paleo. It was recommended to him last year, but he didn't seem too interested then. He's decided he's ready to give it a try, so he is reading a book about it. I've got some ebooks on the subject and I've signed up for some sites, so I can learn about what he can/can't eat.

    I try to incorporate a lot of organic, raw foods in my diet, but I do eat hot foods and meat from time to time. I'm just trying to eat healthier, more conscious everyday.

  3. @Dani: It seems like pretty simple stuff....eat this...don't eat that...lift heavy stuff...go for walks, etc. Since it was based off caveman life, how difficult can it be? :)

    @Susanne: That's a great start, though I've found organics to be a bit more pricier than the average food. We're still going through the book and trying to summarize, so we'll let you know how it goes :)

  4. Doing the gluten free, as you know. No plans to mix diet courses at this point in time. Passing on pizza and donuts is already taking an emotional toll on me. lol

  5. I have been thinking about doing the same! :D I'm more encouraged now~
    Thank you for sharing!!!