Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pulp Fiction!

We've been talking, for a while now, about uses for our pulp after juicing. It seems a shame to throw out something that has so much potential. Our initial thought was to do a compost pile with them but, since we don't currently have a compost pile, that idea is out the window.

As I was looking around the Reboot with Joe  website, I came across an article highlighting nine ways to use that pulp.

Here's a quick summary if you don't feel like checking out the whole article:

I found another site that had some very cool ideas for pulp use. These are a few I'd really like to try, so I'll keep you updated if/when we give them a shot.

This site also has a few good pulp ideas. Ah, the wonders of the Internet.

We've also thought of using the pulp from fruit juicing to bake a nice dessert. We'll keep you updated on that one, as well.

Until next time, make healthy choices!

Beets be warned!

We tried a beet juice the other day and it was so difficult to get down.  I just got an update on my Facebook page with this adorable little girl with a red mustache from the Fat, sick and Nearly dead Facebook page.  If she can do it so can I, Im going to give her juice a try.  How cute is she!

I cant believe all the benefits Beets have for your body especially for a woman's body.  Here are a few links I found on the Reboot with Joe page.  

Im going to be on the hunt for a beet juice we can both like if this one doesnt work.  There are just too many benefits to not eat them.  So beets be warned Im coming for you!

My husband showed me how to do "Links" on a website so hence the massive amounts of Links I put up.  :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

A do-able juice/food plan for the Meanses

Not sure if its our age or maybe that we just aren't in the right mind frame to do an all juice reboot.  I know how great I feel when we juice but the hunger pains and headache this time were over the top.

We are going to try and do mostly vegetable and fruit juicing with minimal healthier food.  Making smarter choices is the key for us and exercising right now.

My brother and sister in law became vegan for health reasons and I can understand how they can be satisfied eating only vegetables.  But, my husband and I aren't at that place yet, we enjoy meat just not every night like we use to.

Today we are going to try and juice our citrus with the rinds they have important phytonutrients and I want to get all that we can from our juices.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This has been a difficult day for us most of the day has been spent in bed miserable.  Im not sure if we can do the full out juicing, we will have to modify the reboot to suit us.

With that said we didnt finish a full day today of juicing, we did end up eating.  I hope we can find a happy medium with still juicing and getting healthy, I dont want to give up.

5 day Juice only reboot!

We can do it together, that's what we have always said.  So why not say it for juicing too, getting healthy together.

We are staring another juice reboot today this time no food just juice.  We are following one of the plans outlined here at Reboot with Joe and his 5 day reboot.  We have done this once before it was great but we didnt stick with any kind of meal plan after.

My biggest concern was will I get enough protein if I only eat vegetables, well other people must have had the same concern because I found the answer on the website.  Vegetables have tons of protein, I will probably be getting more protein from just juicing then if I was eating food.  Read for yourself there are, Proteins in Vegetables.

This is our plan for the week:

Reboot Daily Guide

Wake up: Drink 2 glasses of hot water 
 (we suggest adding lemon and/or ginger)

Breakfast : Go Orange or Red
Mid-Morning: Drink 16 oz. unflavored coconut water 
Lunch: Go Green
Afternoon snack: Go Green or Red
Dinner: Go Green
Dessert: Go Purple or Orange
Bedtime: Drink herbal tea 
 (with pure stevia for sweetness if desired)

Throughout the day: Drink lots of water

Today we drank an ORANGE for breakfast
I love beets, I love oranges and I love carrots but I had a hard time getting this down.  I will try it again we just put a bit too much beet in it.

More to come!
Driving home from Young's market yesterday with a trunk full of vegetables and fruits, Mark and I were discussing how we are going to try another 5 day all juice reboot.  I was thinking why after watching a few movies we still haven't taken to really paying attention to what we are eating.  That's when I realized we have to "Don't just know....DO".  What I'm referring to is taking charge of what we are eating even though we know what it is doing to our bodies and taking responsibility for it.

Monday, May 13, 2013

We all have to start somewhere.

As with most good things in our lives, it all started with my wife.

It seems like since the day we've met one of the subjects we always go back to is getting into better shape. 

We both have a layman's background in physical fitness, so we know what needs to get done...it's just a matter of doing it.

Hence the title of this blog...."Don't Just Know....Do!"

Anyway, it was Jackie who discovered the Netflix documentary, "Hungry For Change". She shared it with me and, boy, was it an eye opener. I won't go into all the ins and outs, but it's definitely something you need to watch for yourself if you care, even in the slightest, about what you're putting into your body. 

"But that stuff's just for hippies.", you say? Trust me, I'm the furthest thing from a hippie that you're ever likely to meet and it still made me sit up and take notice. You don't have to be a treehugger to be concerned with your health. 

After that we followed up with "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and this introduced juicing and reboots into our lives. Joe Cross' story is amazing and his journey will definitely inspire you.....I, practically, guarantee it.

So, after discussing it a bit, we decided to co-author a blog and talk about the things that are important to us, healthwise. We're not experts, by any stretch, and we know this journey isn't going to be easy but we feel that, together, we can do more than "just know"....

We can "do"!