Friday, May 17, 2013

A do-able juice/food plan for the Meanses

Not sure if its our age or maybe that we just aren't in the right mind frame to do an all juice reboot.  I know how great I feel when we juice but the hunger pains and headache this time were over the top.

We are going to try and do mostly vegetable and fruit juicing with minimal healthier food.  Making smarter choices is the key for us and exercising right now.

My brother and sister in law became vegan for health reasons and I can understand how they can be satisfied eating only vegetables.  But, my husband and I aren't at that place yet, we enjoy meat just not every night like we use to.

Today we are going to try and juice our citrus with the rinds they have important phytonutrients and I want to get all that we can from our juices.


  1. I just came across the same plan via the Fat and dying video. Awesome stuff, but yes a full juice diet, not easy. I'm trying to do it slowly, too. But giving up food is really hard when you're the only one doing it.

    I've given up diet coke, coffee, sugar, and salt, now to forgo the rest! :)

    Good luck, you have a follower - someone else wanting health, but finding some choices harder than others.

    1. Hey Yolanda, thanks for following and you're already off to a great start. It -is- tough, trying to do it by yourself, but you're on the right road and small steps can lead to big strides!

      For me, coffee is still the hardest thing to part with. If you have that licked, you're already ahead of the game.

      Keep at it and let us know how you're doing down the road.

      Thanks again!


  2. Hi Yolanda, that's exactly where we got the plan too. We watched Hunger for Change on Netflix a few months ago and wow what an eye opener. Then we watched Fat, Sick and nearly dead and it changed our lives.

    It is hard to do it alone, but I have to tell its hard when your husband says he likes Tater Tots at 12:30 at night, try saying no to that. LOL

    We gave up soda as well after we watched Hunger for Change probably 3 months ago, I dont miss it at all. Like Mark said we are coffee drinkers, we do drink more decaf than regular but I still know that we drink too much. Just like our Blog says "I know...but now I have to DO what I know is right!

    Thanks for joining us on our journey hop on and maybe we can help each other.

  3. I didn't realize the rinds in fruit were good for you. Are there any that are bad for you? So much to learn. I do know it's unlikely I'll be a good juicing candidate. Years ago maybe, but I had an operation five yrs. ago that leaves me w/migraines if I forego food for too long. Strange (I'm still trying to process it), but true.

  4. I've always read where the white, inner skin, of an orange is supposed to be the best part, nutrients-wise, for you. It would make sense that adding that to a juice would help give those nutrients, as well.

    Oh I know how migraines feel (used to get them when I was young), so I feel your pain there.

    We don't forego food to juice, we've been mixing it in with our meals, trying to eat better, and exercise.

    We're still working on being 'well rounded' in more than just body shape :D

  5. Rosey, the juice with the rinds on the fruit was hard to drink, I definitely think its something you have to get use to. I'll try it again, but maybe just do one of the oranges instead of all and start off gradually, even a little bit Im sure will help.

  6. I have tossed lemon in the juicer (rind and all) and it makes the juice too bitter. Even when we juiced with with sweet apples and carrots! ~Angela