Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 day Juice only reboot!

We can do it together, that's what we have always said.  So why not say it for juicing too, getting healthy together.

We are staring another juice reboot today this time no food just juice.  We are following one of the plans outlined here at Reboot with Joe and his 5 day reboot.  We have done this once before it was great but we didnt stick with any kind of meal plan after.

My biggest concern was will I get enough protein if I only eat vegetables, well other people must have had the same concern because I found the answer on the website.  Vegetables have tons of protein, I will probably be getting more protein from just juicing then if I was eating food.  Read for yourself there are, Proteins in Vegetables.

This is our plan for the week:

Reboot Daily Guide

Wake up: Drink 2 glasses of hot water 
 (we suggest adding lemon and/or ginger)

Breakfast : Go Orange or Red
Mid-Morning: Drink 16 oz. unflavored coconut water 
Lunch: Go Green
Afternoon snack: Go Green or Red
Dinner: Go Green
Dessert: Go Purple or Orange
Bedtime: Drink herbal tea 
 (with pure stevia for sweetness if desired)

Throughout the day: Drink lots of water

Today we drank an ORANGE for breakfast
I love beets, I love oranges and I love carrots but I had a hard time getting this down.  I will try it again we just put a bit too much beet in it.

More to come!


  1. I didn't realize that veggies could be a good source of protein. Nice share!

  2. Thank you, Rosey. Truth be told, I didn't either until Jackie found that...lol. Thank you for following our little blog :)

  3. Thanks Rosey, I have been asking this question for a long time, I guess I just wasn't looking in the right place.